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What's new at RD Sales Door & Hardware LLC - Click to read

1. Awarded the 2010-2011 NJ State Locksmith Service Contract – 2. Awarded the Educational Data Provider – 3. New Line of Automatic Door Operators now available! – 4. Successful Installation results of ONSSI management software in NJ school districts.

High-Tech Access Control at the Local Level - Click to read

" While biometric security access used to be a feature of high-profile Swiss banks and government buildings, this technology can now monitor access, time, and attendance in small suburban towns. In the past, places like office buildings have relied on key-card access for entrance and for logging of working hours. However, a key card system enables employees to trade cards, and effectively falsify identity, making the accurate tracking of time and attendance impossible for the company. With biometrics it is now possible to be much more certain of the presence of a specific person. "

Higher Security For Higher Education - Click to read

from www.kaba-ilco.com
"...Two-tiered access systems can be time consuming to manage. Some systems require locks to be re-keyed or reprogrammed every time a current user leaves, a new one arrives, or a key or card is lost or stolen. The Kaba system simplifies the management task. “We used the Kaba Solitaire 850 Series magnetic card access locks and the student’s ID card for the outside entrance to the residence hall suites,” says Rich DeGeorge of RD Sales LLC, the consultant who developed the Ramapo solution. “I designed a system where either security personnel or residence hall directors can grant access when the students arrive on campus for check-in.” The student’s ID card is also system compatible so that it can grant access to various other facilities, such as parking lots, main entrance to a residence hall, laundry room, recreation center, and dining services...."

Customers realize the importance of child guards- Click to read

"In recent months, customers have been calling frequently to request the installation of window guards. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates that about 12 children die per year as a result of falling from windows, and over 4,000 are treated for injuries. These falls can be prevented with the installation of window guards. Window guards are aluminum safety devices which are screwed into a window frame, and have bars which are no more than 4 inches apart. These devices prevent children and pets from falling out of windows, with a security that screens alone cannot provide..."