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FDAI Fire Door Inspection Service
RD Sales Door and Hardware, LLC is offering a Fire Door Inspection Service.

As building codes become more encompassing in an effort to improve life safety in a fire situation, many jurisdictions including the State of new Jersey have adapted the 2007 edition of NFPA 80 Standard for Fire Doors and Other Protectives. The keepers of the building codes, the AHJ's (authorities having jurisdiction), have recognized that wear and tear and improper modifications to doors meant to provide a fire and smoke barrier in a facility have the possibility to compromise life safety during a fire . The standard in section 5.2 is calling for annual inspection and testing of fire door assemblies.

RD has the expertise in the door and hardware field along with the training and certification in Fire door inspection procedures to perform this service on behalf of building management. We will provide reporting on findings along with suggestions for remediation of problem areas.
We are also prepared to advise on requirements regarding Egress found in 2009 edition NFPA 101 section

Our inspectors have been trained and certified by the DHI (Door Hardware Institute) FDAI program and listed by the Door Security and Safety Foundation

If you are interested in speaking with RD regarding Fire Door Inspection, please contact Jon Kline at 973-248-1222